The Standards of Advance SEO

Sourcing webmaster hangouts are not about the advance SEO, that applying the latest Google patches, and then calling it a day. Will you need to be advanced? Understand five standards.

Google Recommendation is not an SEO Recommendation

The number one rules trumps all other rules. Handle Google’s recommendations, and a website is visible. Our task is not to make sure a site is visible. Other adequate developers can do that. Thus, the work of SEO is to make sure a website can sustainably compete for organic rankings and conversion- generating traffic. Hence, the leading SEO is always aware that Google is not making SEO recommendations.

Remove Problems. Don’t Hide Them

Before the search engines give us remedies. Things like rel=canonical. The search engine support for remedies comes and goes. Google reported no follow will work for link sculpting.

Lessen Abstraction

Do not allow to put more things between your content and browsers. The things that will create an additional layer are prerendering and hybrid solutions. Prevent them whenever possible. Lessen abstraction. Allow Google a direct path to your content.

Know The Tools

You may advance if you do not know how to analyze a log file or do fancy natural language processing. You don’t have to prepared to know. But knowing does not mean reading the latest blog posts. This means digging into the command line, hacking around with some code. Also, knowing how search engine work.


In conclusion, Advance SEO does not replace the basics. Advance is not a replacement and it makes the basic, nuts and bolts SEO tactics more effective. Give all the time you want geeking out about natural language processing and isomorphic javascript. But it is better to give even more time on title tags, internal linking. Also, the words you use on a page. If you avoid the basics, all the fancy-schmancy advanced tactics in the world are worth exactly nothing. You are allowing Google a chocolate chip cookie without chocolate chips. Thus, it makes everyone piss off

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